Kruger Brewer’s consultancy has various areas where we can assist new clients in starting new brewery ventures, as well as established craft breweries. Thean Leonard Kruger aka ‘The Kruger Brewer’ is also the de facto consultant for Mithraeum’s Brewiks series of craft breweries from Slovenia, EU.


Services offered include:

  • Site / location selection

Selecting the correct site for your brewery is imperative. Either you are starting a brewpub and will be brewing on site or a production brewery and you want to be located in the correct location to serve your client base.

  • Brewery equipment and capacity selection

The type of equipment you choose, as well as your capacity is one of the single most important factors in terms of the quality of beer you will be producing. It is also important to deduce how much you are able to produce at any given time, as investing in a smaller system can lower your capital expenditure but may cause issues later down the line when you want to expand.

  • Brewery layout design and equipment placement

The way in which the brewery has been laid out, how the equipment is placed will greatly influence hygiene routines, brewing processes and efficiency of work flow.

  • Brewing process and routine organisation, quality control

After your brewery has been implemented, another big factor is your internal processes when manufacturing beer. Your quality control, flavour repeatability, cleanliness and overall production integrity rests on proper organisation of all these aspects.

  • Competition / market dynamics evaluation

Understanding your market as well as your competition is infinitely useful in determining the strategy for brewing and recipe selection.

  • Marketing assistance and tactics

We are still in a world where most people identify beer as a form a fizzy yellow water – as a craft brewery one of your objectives is to challenge this line of thinking. Each beer has a story and a history that can and should be used to market your product. Working with your marketing company is one of the aspects we cover in this.

  • Recipe formulation for long term and short term (seasonal) beers

There are over 150 different main styles of beer, many more if you include historical, region specific and esoteric styles. We are able to provide the recipes and training to brew all of them, as well as planning what point in time to brew which beer.

  • Water chemistry design and troubleshooting

Water is one of the single most important aspects when it comes to brewing a beer, and many people neglect it. It is the difference between a great beer and a mediocre one. Assistance is provided in areas with problem water as well.

  • Glassware and food pairing assistance

Which glass to serve a beer and food with which to pair may seem arbitrary, but it is part of the holistic approach to brewing that is craft beer. Each beer has it’s own glass and range of foods it should be served with to ensure maximum enjoyment and appreciation of the product.

  • Long term (1 year+) and short term contracts (6 months+)

Perfection always takes time, so a long term or short term involvement is offered depending on site conditions.

If you’d like to sit down for a chat to know more, please go to the “CONTACT” page and send us a message.